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"Transform Your Space: The Magic of Area Rugs"

June 2024 Newsletter

A word from your 2024 RESA® Texas President Kishah Langham-Harris

Dear RESA Stagers of Texas,

I am in full active and busy mood within my new role as your State President! For the month of May I dedicated time to network and hangout with the Houston Chapter and attended their first meeting of the year. The meeting was very informative, and everyone is excited about what this chapter will grow into. The Houston Chapter will be meeting quarterly, and the next meeting will be in August. I will be traveling across Texas this summer and would love to meet you! The month of June will be dedicated to the Dallas Chapter so please join me on June 22nd to meet the board and fellowship with other local stagers. This two-part event will be hosted by UNIQUE LOOM at the Dallas Market, details are posted in this newsletter, and everyone is welcome to attend but please RSVP so we can make sure there's enough food, drinks and marketing materials for you all. Please feel free to email me if you'll like to meet up along my journey through Texas this year. (Email:

My subject for this month is,

Indoor-Outdoor Rugs:

Versatile Staging Solutions

Versatility in Design:

Indoor-outdoor rugs come in a wide range

of styles, patterns, and colors. This allows you to seamlessly integrate them into various staging designs, whether you're aiming for a contemporary, rustic, or traditional look,


These rugs are made from robust materials like polypropylene, which is resistant to stains, fading, and wear. This durability makes them perfect for -high traffic areas and ensure they maintain their appearance over time.

Easy Maintenance:

One of the biggest advantages of indoor-outdoor rugs is their low maintenance. They are easy to clean, most can be hosed down, vacuumed, or spot-cleaned, making them ideal for homes with children and pets.

Indoor Use:

In indoor settings, these rugs can add a layer of comfort and style. They are suitable for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and even bedrooms, providing a cohesive look throughout the house.

Outdoor Use:

For outdoor spaces like patios, decks, or porches, these rugs create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. They can withstand the elements including rain and sun exposure, without deteriorating quickly.


Indoor-outdoor rugs are often more affordable than traditional indoor-only rugs, offering a budget friendly option for staging multiple properties.


since these rugs are made from synthetic materials, they are less likely to harbor allergens like dust mites, which can be beneficial for potential buyers with allergies.


Many indoor-outdoor rugs are made from recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious staging.

Staging Tips:

  • Use bold patterns and colors to make a statement in a neutral space,

  • Layer rugs for added texture and depth.

  • Choose a rug that complements the furniture and accessories in the room.

  • For outdoor spaces, ensure the rug is placed on a flat surface to avoid tripping hazards.

Incorporating indoor-outdoor rugs into your staging projects can elevate the appeal of both interior and exterior spaces, making them a valuable tool in creating inviting and functional environments for potential buyers.

Never Stop Creating,

Kishah Langham-Harris

RESA Texas State President

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